Commercial printing companies are opting for latex printers than ever beforeas it unlocks a wide range of new and advanced application offerings with superior quality output.

HP Latex Technology is a unique printing solution that provides an extensive range of applications, from vehicle graphics to stunning outdoor displays, textiles and helps push your productivity to a whole new level. HP Latex inks are the only proven water-based inks in the industry that can be used on various indoor and outdoor materials. With fast-drying capability and water-based formula, latex inks canprinton both coated and uncoated materials makes this method of printing extremely versatile.
Aside from the stunning output, latex printing involves using print heads to effectively distribute water-based inks onto a diverse range of media which includes:

1. Wallpaper Printing
2. Vinyl Printing
3. Star Flex Printing
4. Backlit Printing
5. PVC Printing
6. Blinds Printing
7. Canvas Printing
8. Leather Printing
9. Home Furnishing Printing
11. Exterior Signage
12. Interior Decoration Exhibition

Features of HP Latex Printer

1. Get vivid color and consistent quality over time.
2. Sustain high productivity with fast, easy operation.
3. Drive cost-effective production with a 64-inch printer that integrates easily into your fleet.

Benefits of HP Latex Printing

1. Versatility

HP Latex Printers can print a huge range of outdoor and indoor signage at higher image quality than before. It has several applications, which includes:

1. Outdoor and event banners
2. Point of purchase Displays
3. Print and cut graphics
4. Backlit
5. Textiles
6. Decoration applications
7. Signage
8. Vehicle Wraps
9. Wallpaper
10. Exhibition Graphics
11. Billboards
12. Labels
13. Customizable Clothing

This versatility makes HP latex printing the ideal method to increase profits at your graphics business.

2. High Quality Prints

HP Latex Printers offers incredible print quality with vibrant colours and clear graphics and sustain it print after print across a wide range of applications.

3. High Speed

HP Latex Printers works at high speeds and turn jobs around up to 40% faster than eco-solvent printers. Latex inks require no dry time, which allows printed materials to be delivered on the same day. This enables your business to increase production speeds giving an edge over the competition.

4. Cost-effective

HP latex printing doesn’t require lamination for short term use which makes it cost-effective.

5. Eco-friendly

HP Latex inks are eco-friendly as its components are not hazardous in the quantities used. This ink is odourless, which is a considerable benefit for many places where strong odour may cause problems.

6. Durable & Reliable

HP latex printing is scratch and abrasion-resistant. Latex ink does have different life spans dependent on the material and create outdoor signs that can last up to five years when laminated or three years unlaminated.

HP latex printing promises to expend your brand potential by delivering high-quality results with a versatility that cannot be beaten. Ideal for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, latex printing is becoming the first choice in today’s market to print flexible signs, display graphics and interior decoration. Latex printing is an excellent solution for many businesses as it delivers highly professional results in optimum time.

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