Commemorating your old photos can be a great way to freezing memories and creating tangible reminders of the good times. The beautiful photographs allow a chance to revisit the fun time with your family members and take a trip down memory lane. The quality of the pictures plays an integral role in storing these memories and allows family members to display them proudly in their homes.

Canvas and acrylic are two of the most used prints that can light up any room they are placed in, and finding the best canvas and Acrylic Printing Services can guarantee the quality of these pictures. If you are confused about choosing between these two prints, allow us to help you make this decision. Let’s look at the difference between canvas and acrylic paints and help you make a better choice.

What is Acrylic Print?

The process of printing an image on photographic paper is called acrylic printing. Once the image is printed, it is then placed between two plexiglass sheets. An acrylic print is considered quite sturdy and gives off a glossy finish. If you want your images to stand out and appear glossy, the acrylic print might be a better option for you. 

What is Canvas Print?

While acrylic ones are printed on photographic sheets, canvas prints are often printed on scratch-resistant and faded canvas. These prints are stretched on a frame, and the most common technique used in canvas printing is gallery wrapping. In this process, the image is wrapped over the frame that adds a professional touch to the photo. If you are looking for an artistic type of print, then canvas printing can be a better choice for you.

How Do Both of These Prints Compare?

Canvas and acrylic printing both offer extraordinary wall art and can be placed within offices and homes. Although the processes of both printing methods are different, they have their unique qualities. Depending on your preference, you can choose the most suitable printing method for yourself.


Every photographer knows that cost is one of the deciding factors when choosing a printing method. Although, spending on Acrylic Printing Services is worth the extra investment because it offers better quality and is more durable. The photos printed with the acrylic method are often more vibrant and look beautiful when they are hung in houses and offices. 

However, canvas printing offers aesthetically pleasing art pieces at competitive prices, and this is one of the most significant reasons behind the popularity of canvas printing. Even though acrylic prints offer more crisp photos and have become a worthy printing option, if you are on a budget, then canvas printing is a good option too.


If you plan to store your photos for a long time, acrylic and canvas prints both offer unique protective benefits. However, acrylic prints are often considered more durable. Acrylic printing is lighter than glass, shatter-resistant, and also UV resistant, meaning it will protect your valuable photos from the sunlight. With expert Acrylic Printing in Indore, you can get crisp and durable photos to cherish for a long time.


The appearance of the pictures is always linked with their aesthetics; hence you should look for an option that will offer vibrant colors and a sleek look. Acrylic prints provide sharp images and a contemporary look that will light up any room they are hanged in. However, canvas prints offer an authentic look and are a popular choice for interior design and home decor.


Canvas prints are glare-free, and any image printed using this method will be easy to blend into any style and environment. Unlike canvas prints, acrylic ones will require frames matching with the interior and the feel of the home, making them a less versatile option, and you can expect fantastic prints when you enlist the help of experienced Acrylic Printing Services.


Acrylic prints are considered more unique than canvas ones. They offer more detailed designs and can be a stand-out element when used to display any type of image. Canvas prints have a soft and artsy look that is considered more subdued. They might not be as vibrant or unique as acrylic prints, but they work well for home decor. 

While acrylic prints offer vibrancy, canvas prints offer authenticity. Choosing one would entirely depend on your requirements. However, the printing method is only one factor in the quality of the photos, the other one is the experience of the expert. This is why you should always look for an experienced partner to get a perfect acrylic print. G9 Graphics is a pioneer solution for your needs, they offer the best Acrylic Printing in Indore. You can browse their website to have a look at their services or get in touch with them for more information.

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