What is Flex Printing?

Flex Printing is a popular, cost-effective printing service used for hoarding, canvas printing, and board printing. It is an economical way to promote your brands, especially outdoor advertising, for a more extended time period.

What Are the Types of Flex Printing?

Normal Flex– It is the cheapest form of flex printing done via solvent printers used at shops or in standees at events.
Star Flex– Star flex prints are made of a thicker material, better as per quality is concerned and more durable than normal flex.
Eco-Solvent Flex- Flex, when printed via Eco-solvent printers, is termed as eco-solvent flex. It is ecologically safe and used mainly for indoor applications like in-store displays, for exhibitions, etc.
Latex Flex or Digital Flex–Digital flex is printed through latex printers, and the print quality is significantly better than others.

Flex Printing Applications

1. Custom office signs
2. Point of purchase signage
3. Trade show displays
4. Real estate signs
5. Retail store signs

Flex Printing vs. Vinyl Printing

Flex material is softer and more flexible than vinyl and can be recolored using specialized industrial printers. Flex board printing is the safest and most durable way to apply your printed flex material to outdoor signs and banners. Flex banner printing is widely used these days and relatively cheaper as compared to other mediums of printing. Flex material is generally used for apparel and can be slightly more costly than vinyl.

Vinyl printing is generally used for signage and banner printing. The vinyl is loaded into a special machine and will be cut into the pattern you have selected. Earlier, vinyl couldn’t be recolored with a tool. Vinyl banners also get referred to as PVC and popular both outdoors and indoors for various events or conference banner printing.

Vinyl printing & Flex printing are most common when we talk about exhibitions, conferences, and events. It can appear to be fundamentally the same, but they are usually unique in terms of use and the materials.

Benefits of Flex Printing

1. Flex printing is a cost-effective way from brand promotion to advertising, especially outdoor advertising.
2. Flex printing is being used widely in different forms, including hoarding, board printing, vinyl printing, and canvas printing, glass lamination printing, etc.
3. Its weather-resistant properties, print quality, and long-lasting nature make it popular compared to all other options available.
4. You can customize the flex print design online or get them altered as per your requirements.

Flex printing is gaining popularity day by day. Banners, boards and signage made using flex materials create an ever-lasting impression on users without much investment.

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